Blue September 2018



Corys are fully behind the Blue September New Zealand campaign to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer.

Awareness of Prostate Cancer is a major focus…just making people aware that it is a disease that 1 in 8 NZ men will get, and this affects 'our men'… our husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. In NZ, that's over 600 men that die per year! This is because men don't know how dangerous the disease is, they don’t talk to their doctor, they simply don’t do anything. Prostate Cancer can be successfully treated if detected early enough. This is about education and awareness, plus facing your fear to get checked.


This year we have some excitiing activities planned for each of the four weeks of the month.


Week 1: Simply make a donation of $10 to go in the draw to win a boot full of King Tony and Milwaukee tools for you to keep - valued at $1500!

Week 2: Our famous car washes are back! Make a donation and get your can, van or ute washed by your local branch. Special thanks to CRC for supplying the gear.

Week 3: Every branch will be holding silent auctions throughout the week. Make sure you head to your local branch to see what's on offer.

Week 4: It's National BBQ Week! Head to your local branch and pick yourself a sausage with a donation to the cause. 

All 48 Corys Electrical branches have further activity planned during September 2018 –  there are Blue Spot product specials from our fantastic suppliers, BBQs, displays, merchandise, special events, blue hotdogs, nurses onsite for blood testing, paintball competitions, cable scrap bins and sponsored shave-offs to list just a few.

We’ll use Trade Me again to auction off any prized possessions! As each Corys Branch has local activity planned, the local Branch Manager can advise you on specifics.